Journal #3

As a little girl, I grew up being the youngest in my family. I was surrounded by two older sisters and a smelly older brother. They bullied me and then called me very insulting names when I cried to my mom. My mom’s cuddles and soft skin made me feel small and safe. My siblings were selfish, mean, but also very overprotective. According to them, nobody was allowed to be mean to me but them. I had my family, but I still felt alone and unwanted sometimes. When I reached about 6 years old, my parents announced to us that we were going to adopt another child. When I met her, I thought she was the cutest one year old I had ever seen. Her hair was extraordinary curly hair, her eyes were as big as full grown green grapes, and her smile made me laugh because she barely had teeth. Her mother’s my cousin and I remembered meeting the baby a couple of months before; however, this time was different. She became my little sister before the legal documents were signed. She was the very first baby I watched grow. Her beautiful curly hair grew longer, grew her adult teeth, and became as tall as high school basketball players. We argued and scratched each other’s faces everyday. Jealousy and petty took over our relationship, yet I was the only one who could be mean to her. If another sibling or cousin tried to be rude towards her, I’d fight that person. All the hair pulls and scratches were just because we were sisters. Our bond grew to be complicated, but I knew she was a blessing. I could not be any more grateful for the opportunity and experience of becoming a big sister to such a smart girl. I consider Eliana my gift because she was mine to bully and also mine to protect.

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