journal #5

“I told him I was studying hard because I wanted to become either a veterinarian or a geologist specializing the Miocene period,When the mountains out west were formed.I was telling him how geodes were created from bubbles in lava when he interrupted me.’For the daughter of the town drunk,you sure got big plans,’he said.”Well Jeannette didn’t handle the situation very well because she got really bad at the guy who told her that and she got more bad because he insulted her father and she didn’t like that and the guy expected that she will end up like her dad but she would want to get out of her living environment by working hard but some people would not believe her because of her situation of living and would think she would end up like her parents.

Well right now I don’t really have big plans toward the future but one of my plans is to go to college or maybe just go straight to a University.The way I plan to achieve them is by working hard and changing the way I am because I get to lazy to do anything and that effect my school work,so I need to get rid of the laziness i would achieve my plan.My parents would be to support me but they would want to study hard and not just go and mess around because going to college or University is a very big step and it’s very costly