The gift that is memorable to me is when my cousin introduced me to soccer,when I was just a little kid at the age of 10.I mean i would play soccer and watch but I never had an interest like my cousin,he told me that playing soccer for him was when he would forget about everything,all the problems he had would go away and all his worries would not matter at that time,he felt like he was in his own world and he would tell me how great it felt to have that feeling inside of you.And when he told me all those things i wanted to feel the same way toward soccer as he did,so me and him would practice and play soccer like it was the only thing in the world.He became so proved of me when I had the same love to soccer and he would always take me to see how he would play,every saturday at nine o’clock,and I would see how everyone played and In that spot when i saw them play i wanted to go in and play with but i was to small and couldn’t but he would tell me when you grow up you can play.but as i grew older i got better and i had a very good team and he would always go watch me play and he was very proved how much i improved in my skill but one day someone came to me and said ¨You suck and you don´t know how to play¨ and he was don´t listen to him you are good and you will beat him but i wasn’t sure but he was right, and i proved that one guy wrong and after the game he came to me and said¨I was wrong about you and what i said i regret it you are very good¨