Journal #3

I have gotten a lot of gifts in my life. But my favorite give that I have I ever received is by far a plush toy of barney the dinosaur. I got it when I was born so it is literally the first thing that I have ever owned. I slept with it every night and still currently do. It sits on my bed and I continue to sleep with it every morning. My dad gave him to me and I am pretty sure he got it from a swap meet for a couple bucks. I think it was originally for my brother who was a year older than me. So they got it for him but he didn’t like it so they gave it to me. So my first ever thing that i ever owned was a hand me down that was from the swap meet. I still have this thing in my bedroom sitting on my bed. It is really old this thing is 18 years old. That thing is as old as me which is kind of hard to believe that I still have this thing. And I love this thing. Like if someone broke into my house and tried to take barney from me that piece of shit is dying. So definitely think that is the best gift that I have ever received is that barney toy. I am not going to lie I’m not sure why I like it so much but what can i say I literally had it since birth.

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