Blog #3

I do believe that someone can be in love with one person and quickly forget about them to love another, but only if their first loved one didn’t show or even cared for them at all. At the same time I also believe that whoever this person is doesn’t really know what love is because you don’t just decide that you stop loving someone in such little time and then go with the person you think you truly love.I don’t believe in love at first sight because it means you are falling in love with someone’s looks and not their personality. Love is an action, not just glancing and someone who you think is good looking. It takes work,time, and dedication. Some might say that they fell in love at first sight and they’ve actually gotten the chance to have a future together, but the truth is they never really “loved” each other at first. It was their looks whom they liked and then with time of knowing each other they actually fell in love. No, I’ve never fallen in love just by seeing another person. I do think that young love love can stand the test of time because as long as both are really committed to their relationship they will last. I think that young love could stay in one committed relationship until marriage, but only if they are willing to stay with each other forever even through the good and bad because that’s the point of marriage.

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