VENA Network: Open Protocol for Tokenized Asset Financing and Exchange

At present, the transactions between cryptocurrency and fiat currency are mainly conducted through centralized OTC trading platform. Most countries haven’t established the legislation of cryptocurrency, which means that such platform can be run without any license and regulation. Therefore, users on such platform always have to bearthe risk in both fund safety and privacy disclosure; meanwhile, the trading platform may manipulate the transaction price to earn excess profits. Obviously, there is an increasing demand that users can safely and conveniently conduct transactions between cryptocurrency and fiat currency.

What’s VENA Network?

VENA Network aims to create a decentralized digital asset financing and exchange network through Vena Protocol. Vena Protocol a is an open source protocol based on blockchain, where the individual can conduct the transactions between cryptocurrency and fiat currency and use cryptocurrency as collaterals to borrow loans without the need of trusting the third party. In VENA Network, users can benefit from cryptocurrency market and the risks caused by cryptocurrency price fluctuation and dishonest traders can be mitigated.

Vena nodesare the key elements of Vena Network. Vena Protocol pre-sets two roles, Vena-Agent and Vena-Relayer. A Vena node can consist of either a single role or a combination of two roles, or can contain all kinds of service providers derived from market competition.VENA protocol is a mixed technology called as “off-Chain Relay, on-Chain Settlement” to ensure the balance between transaction efficiency and safety and greatly lower the transaction friction cost. In this way, the trading orders with encrypted signature is sent through off-chain channel, while the on-chain transaction can only occur at the time of value transfer. The counterparty who are interested in can add one or multiple orders into the smart contract, to make sure the transaction shall be completed by using the smart contract. VENA Network is expanded by opening the application of VENA transaction market nodes and designing the Vena Protocol which is uncoupled from applications.

VENA transaction market shall provide users with accurate market data, as well as fair, transparent, safe and low-cost OTC transaction and collateral loan service. Each node of VENA transaction market represents an independent commercial institution and it can make profits by providing financial service.

VENA Foundationis a non-profit organization established by VENA team in Singapore, which is responsible for guaranteeing the sustainability of VENA project, the effectiveness of decentralized governance, the safety and transparency of fund raising, and the development and business innovation of assisting start-up enterprises based on VENA protocol.

VENA Token

VENA team will issue ERC20 tokenbased on Ethereum blockchain. The initial issue volume of VENA Tokens is 1 billionand a certain number of additional tokens shall be issued every year. The additional issue volume of VENA Tokens is closely related to the operation state of VENA Network. VENA Network will use DAICOfor the management of fund crowdfunding and usage, and embed the 100% transparent rulesin the code, which will be directly controlled by participants and smart contracts, rather than third parties.

After VENA DAICO is completed, the VENA Foundation will establish a VENA investment fund specifically for investing and incubating companies and DAOs within the VENA Ecosystem. The investment directions include blockchain underlying technologies, blockchain protocols and applications, and VENA protocol extensions. The VENA investment fund is directly managed by the VENA DAO Committee, accompanied with a professional investment research team and post-investment management team. 20% to 50% of the fund income will be used to repurchase and destroy the VENA Token circulating in the market (the scale of the repurchase will be determined by the VENA Token price), and the residual income will be used for continuous rolling investment.

Up to now, VENA Network Cornerstone funding round has completed. Investors include LD Capital, Homerun Capital, Phoneixfin Fund, Mars Financial Ecological Investment Fund, Higgs Capital, BlockChain Fund (Australia), Newdo Venture, DDEX, Byte Capital, Future Global Capital, and Fireblue Capital.


Ching Zhu — CEO

Ms. Ching Zhu is the founder of the ChainBoard Technology. She used to work as the technical director in the famous fintech company ICE KREDIT in charge of designing and leading the R&D for integrated platform of risk management and big data-based credit platform. Awarded as the “Outstanding Student of UESTC”. Distinguished technical consultant of many listed companies and lecturer at several well-known technical forums in the field of architecture consulting and design.

Jeremy Lan — CTO

Mr. Jeremy Lan is a senior blockchain engineer and is the co-founder and CTO of Hardrole. He is proficient in blockchain underlying technology, the ordering scheme of DAG partial sequence network, and all types of safety protection technologies. He used to work in Hiscene and took charge of cloud architecture design and product development. He is a member of the core team of the Metaverse Blockchain development.

Yuanfei Zhu — COO

Mr. Yuanfei Zhu is the co-founder of Satori in Singapore. He used to work in Yahoo and Silicon Valley and was mainly engaged in the algorithm for machine learning and big data. He is the early developer of Ethereum and successfully completed a series of projects based on smart contracts, such as ENS, at the ICO arbitrage trading platform Beico. Mr. Zhu graduated from Shanghai Jiao Tong University of computer science and technology and founded Moregg during the undergraduate period.

Amira Zhou — Overseas Market Operation Officer

Ms. Amira Zhou has seven years’ experience in business development and project management. She previously worked as an interpreter in meetings including G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Meeting. She is well-experienced in overseas market operation and is devoted to research of blockchain industry.

Advisorsare Benjamin Gu(Foundation Chairman & CSO of DAEX), Yang Zhao (COO of Shanghai Xinyan Credit Investigation Service Co., Ltd.), and Yongchao Zhai (Author of “Spring Cloud Microservice Practice” and initiator of spring4all community).

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