Mountain Biking & MTB XC Racing.

Feeling The Flow.

For me there is a natural appeal and inner appreciation to the motion of MTB XC Racing. So many small aspects that can lead to success and achievement in the sport. One must take part in the game to fully come face to face with this reality. In the competition there are multiple battles that are faced and when you can master these moments the racing really gets real.

Keeping It Fun!

The fun can be in the chase. Striving to chase the rider ahead or working so hard to chase victory. Fun can be in the work it takes to be ready for game day. Working hard on power, leg speed, diet, physical performance and intervals that prepare oneself for play. Keep it a game and master the moments, then the riding comes to life in the proper manner.

Drill The Skill.

So much of success for racing the Mountain Bike comes from the ablity to steer and shred the machine itself. If there is even a tiny little bit of hesitation or apprehension when bombing sections of trail the end result is deduction in efficeincy. So much of the game is based on skill and thrill. This can also be distributed for uphill and downhill efforts. Mastering downhills and uphills and the ability to shine in both aspects of the game is a major key toward ownership of racing at the front of your group.

Fight For Your Right To Party.

Keep the battle fun and make it a party of pain and effort you enjoy. So much of the MTB XC Racing game is mental. Make it a party and join the test wholeheartedly. Dive into the challenge directly at the deep end and enjoy that feeling of becoming one with the effort at hand. The more you believe in the fight the end game will be success as you desire. Live the feeling and love the suffering.

Off Road Can Often Be The Best Road.

The Mountain Bike can take you to the very best places on the planet. Racing the Mountain Bike can make all of those trips that much more rewarding. Strength, speed, skills and fitness grow from within when you compete on the Mountain Bike. Confidence is there if one strives for the feeling of accomplishment and embraces the battle to achieve. The more you try the better the riding gets, never loose sight of that.

Keep It Fun.

Work hard & Play Hard. Fun is there for the taking, reach out and make it your own.

The fun factor is the best factor to master the game of MTB racing and riding.