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"Why is contact with Russians such a dastardly deed?”

Please see original article. Contact is not, if it was benign. If it was for the purpose of making a deal which benefits foreign powers in exchange for personal gain, then that is the dastardly deed. Right now, the evidence that such a deal was made doesn’t exist. But just ignoring the line of inquiry is as foolish as assuming the theories are true.

Also, from the Merriam-Webster: Xenophobia: fear and hatred of strangers or foreigners or of anything that is strange or foreign.

I am not wary of the Russian government because they are strange and foreign. I am wary of the Russian government leaders because they have an established pattern of using an illegal and covert playbook to manipulate foreign powers for their national and private interests.

Yes, there is a hella lotta Russia paranoia going around on the internet, and some people are falling down a rabbit hole. But saying that ‘the dems are the new mccarthyites’ is a bit broad of a brush, don’t you think?

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