How Syte Can Help You Generate Cross Channel ROI

No matter what industry you are affiliated with, you must have felt the echoes of change is the fundamental way customer and business interaction is established in our (post) digital age.. This was brought about by the profound changes in the manner in which customers see themselves in relation to your business — they are aware that it is ultimately them who call the shots and they want to be treated with regard to that context. This means that protecting your ROI will depend on your ability to offer personalized and user-intent focused experience across all channels. Yes, that’s why customer experience is the new retail battlefield. Thankfully, our visual search technology will eliminate the need for expensive experts and solutions, as it acts as a one-stop shop for all your UX and revenue generation needs. Stay with us to learn more about how you can engage your customers across all channels and future-proof your investments.

Unified UX across Channels

The pressure to serve increasingly demanding shoppers requires developing an omni-channel presence that will unify both their online and offline shopping experiences, with increased focus on user-friendliness, visual search capabilities and social media integration. As a retailer that wants to maximize ROI across as many channels as possible, you are rightfully asking yourself if this means that your interaction with the buyers needs to be redesigned from scratch, with the customer’s journey as the focus of all of your retailing efforts. For example, more than half of consumers stated that they want companies to give them proactive shopping suggestions by means of predictive intelligence.

We want to give you the tools to act on consumers’ demands such as these, and it comes in form of visual search platform that effectively combines image recognition and AI technology. This solution turns visual representations of your products into highly personalized shopping items. By combining the AI-based identification of the user intent with smart visual search features, the tech allows you to engage your customers at the same level of UX they would have at brick-and-mortar stores, with an added advantage of convenience and better insight into your offer.

Consider an example of fashion retailer which implemented our platform. The solution serves to provide Intu’s customers with an opportunity to look for items similar to the one they are currently looking at. Since this technology is based on deep learning and artificial intelligence, shoppers can simply hover over an image of an item and be presented with items similar in color, design, fabric or price range. All of these suggestions are generated by AI which recognizes pieces of clothing based on set parameters in order to deliver a vastly improved user experience of online shopping.

In practice, it works like this:

Our technology utilizes the latest in predictive AI technology to offer proactive shopping suggestions to the customers who increasingly demand unified UX across all channels [Credit: Screenshot]

As can be seen above, the model in question is wearing a black crushed velvet harness midi dress. The AI recognized the piece of clothing that was on display, making it possible for visitors to hover over the image and be presented with attractive suggestions based on similar items (“show similar”).

In addition, this technology prevents annoyances that visitors are sometimes faced with while looking for particular products, such as items being out of stock or the lack of particular sizes. With the help of our visual search engine, consumers are instantly offered the best alternatives to missing items, which guarantees higher conversion rates and sale revenues. By hovering their mouse over the item of interest and instantly receiving similar products that they can browse, we are able to get around the out-of-stock issue in an intuitive manner. This technology allows visitors to experience online what they are offered as default UX in physical stores — ask shop assistants about items they are currently looking at, while allowing the retailer to fuse and level their user experiences across both channels.

Integrating Social Media and E-Commerce

Because customers want to feel engaged in a holistic manner, aiming your efforts at securing higher ROI will be greatly helped by engaging them online via social media that they already use, such as Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms. This is once again best observed in the world of fashion. Fashion icons and various other influencers on Facebook and Instagram post their outfits day in — day out, and the user intent is increasingly expressed in comments such as, “I want that look”. That’s why shopping for the look has become an important tool in tapping into user intent.

Thankfully, new technologies, like our visual search engine, make reading such user intent online possible. This solution allows for effective fusion of social channels and e-retail. The ultimate goal is to ensure a stellar experience for the customer whose feedback will certainly have a long-term impact on your ROI as a retailer. Thus, we have developed algorithms that help with the identification of fashion products and their automated tagging. In addition to providing more value for the customer, this technology is bound drive sales for your brand.

In addition to this, our technology is designed with the intention to honor the customers’ desire to take photos of items in their surroundings to automatize search for similar products online. With our tech, they can upload photos from their cameras/phones or social media, and the engine will instantly gives them results based on where they can actually shop for the desired look.

We also want to streamline this process by introducing the Chrome extension named Fashion Lover and a chatbot called Syte Inspire which can be easily integrated with retailer’s applications, Facebook Messenger or e-retail websites. In practice, it allows users to take a photo of an outfit and send it via social media to Syte Inspire, which also acts as their personal fashion assistant. The bot uses AI-powered image recognition technology to communicate with the customers and offer them help in coming up with the same or stylistically similar outfit according to their desired price range.


Consumers rightfully demand you to utilize the latest technological features for improving their UX. In exchange for securing a higher ROI for your business, a new generation of empowered customers demands unified UX across all channels, which includes visual search capabilities, personalized shopping suggestions, and assistance of chatbots. Luckily for you, we have come up with the one solution to rule them all and our technology will allow you to both boost your ROI and have an edge on your competitors.

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