Photo taken by Thomas Struth

The photographer I chose is Thomas Struth. He is a German photographer who is best known for his Museum Photographs, family portraits and 1970s black and white photographs of the streets of Düsseldorf and New York.The picture he took is simple, only contains the street, constructions, cars ,and trees, there is no people in the photo.His work is characterised by a refusal to indulge in the spectacular.The constructions on both sides of the road are symmetric, it makees the street more beautiful and attractive. He also avoided the strong contrasts of light and shade, he prefers the greyish, uninflected light of early morning. The skyscrapers are also the feature of his work and he shows the relationship between people and the modern-day environment.

Photo taken by me

The photo I took use the similar technique with Thomas Struth, I took it in a street of Central from a frontal, eye-height view. It’s also the street in the middle of the photo and the constructions on the both sides of the street in black and white. The use of black and white contributes to make the age difference between the elements on the photograph less visible than in the reality thereby creating a sense of timelessness. New buildings look as old as the genuinely old buildings.The artist succeeds in this way to make live together different time periods in the same photograph.


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