Greek Mythology


Odysseus was named a hero for his courageous, intelligence, and his leadership. His roman name is Ulysses. Odysseus skills, resourcefulness and oratory, won the trojan war. He was also known as being the protagonist in many fantastic adventures on his way home to Ithaka.

Family tree

He was the son of Laertes and Antikelia. His younger sister was Ctimene. He was the king of his “home town”, Ithaka, leader of kephallenians. Odysseus was married to Penelope, she was known as a symbol of strength, loyalty, and a leader to the woman in greek. Penelope and Odysseus had a son named Telemachos.


Odysseus was witty and exceptionally crafty. He received special aid and protection from Athena. Hesiod describes odysseus as “patient-minded”, and Homer often describes him as god-like. He was also know for not only being a thinker but also being a warrior. Homer also states that Odysseus means “victim of enmity”.



Odysseus's was the one to come up with the plans for the trojan war. Which was a giant wooden horse to the Trojans as a gift of their surrender, but in truth it was filed with greek soldiers. The greek soldiers ended up raiding the town and defeating the Trojans. After Odysseus defeating the Trojans, he was on his way home to Ithaka. The god Poseidon was angered for his cunning tactics against the Trojans. Poseidon sent rough seas that led Odysseus and his men on a long journey home, in which Odysseus used his cunning tactics, and his leadership skills to finally return home.

Modern reference

A popular reference is the Spongebob movie, because no matter what Spongebob and Patrick are determined to get the crown and save the town. They beat al the odds and although spongebob is not clever like Odysseus, he still prevails through every difficult situation just as Odysseus is determined to return home to his wife and kingdom even though he could just give up.


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Gaia ( mother earth)

The first to exist was a person named Chaos, a void of unexplained origin. then, Gaia was made and known as the goddess of earth. She was the chief antagonist of the heavenly gods. She brought fourth herself the mountains, Pontus, and the sea. Gaia was born at the dawn of creation, the heavenly gods came from her through her union and mortal creatures purely made out from her flesh.


Gaia was the wife and mother to Uranus, father sky. She had bore the Titans, the Cyclopes, and the Hecatoncheirs. As it turned out that Uranus hated his kids, and hid some of them away in a secret place on earth. Gaia grieved at the destruction of her children, and being strained and stretched inside her , where the children were hidden. she addressed her children, titans, to attack their father. For destroying their father Gaia gave Cronos an adamantine sickle. Cronos then castrated his father and dethroned him. When the titans had deposed of their father, the latter prophesied that vengeance for the terrible deed they had performed would come afterwards.

Modern reference

“In modern times, some earth scientists use the term “Gaia” to mean the complete living planet itself, as a complex organism. In fact, many institutes and scientific centers around Greece are named after Gaia in honor of this tie to the earth.”


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