17 Ways To Get Traffic To Your Landing Pages and Funnels — Part 3

17 Great Ways To Get Traffic To Your Website And Funnels — Part 3

Many online entrepreneurs understand the importance of creating landing pages and funnels. They invest time and money to ensure these assets are perfect, which is great! You’d want to make sure that your sites and funnels are set up to succeed.

However, it shouldn’t end with having landing pages and funnels. Knowing how to generate leads and convert these leads to sales is also an important step. Unfortunately, some entrepreneurs are lost when it comes to lead generation and driving traffic to their websites.

Are you struggling to get traffic to your landing page? Are your funnels NOT converting? Today, you will learn tried-and-tested strategies for driving traffic to landing pages and funnels.

You will discover:

  • that YouTube is an excellent venue for both paid and organic traffic
  • what are viral loops and why you should have some
  • the importance of Facebook chatbots
  • how affiliate referrals could help boost lead generation and conversion rates
  • how to ethically steal your competitor’s traffic sources — yes, you read that right!

Lead generation doesn’t have to be complicated. With the right strategies and knowledge, you could start driving traffic to your sites and boosting your profit in no time.

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“Welcome, Freedom Hero!
Are you looking for powerful ideas and hacks to generate more traffic?
Then, stay till the end of this episode because we are going to continue our dedicated traffic series and go through the rest of the 17 great ways to get traffic to your website and funnels.
My name is Istvan Bujdoso and this is The 47 Marketing Show.
Let’s continue where we left off in the previous episode.
Number 13: YouTube.
It is the second most popular website on the planet that has more than one billion active users. A great place to get both organic and paid traffic from.
Just like SEO and lead generation, it is key to know your target audience really well. Based on that, you can create optimised videos that pull your audience in and warm them up.
By adding links to the description and call to action to the video, your videos will turn some of your warm audience into warm traffic to your website or funnel.
At the same time, it’s good to understand what YouTube wants which is keeping the viewers on its platform for as long as possible because that helps them to make more money on ads.
And when you produce quality content, that helps them to do that. And YouTube will reward you with showing your content to more people.
So, make sure to publish quality content and have a good balance between keeping viewers on YouTube and turning them into traffic.
Besides regularly creating videos and publishing them on your channel, you can run YouTube Ads as well and tap into other content creators’ audiences and turn some of that into your traffic.
One of the HUGE benefits of this platform is their TrueView Ad that works the following way: Viewers can only skip watching your ad after 5 seconds…
…and you only pay if they watch it for 30 seconds or more, or they click on the ad.
Okay, the next item on our list is #14, Viral Loops And Giveaway Contests.
People love getting free stuff especially if it’s useful for them. Viral loops and giveaway contests leverage that fact.
And they can be even more efficient when they play on the power of urgency and making the participants feel like if they are not acting right now, they will miss out.
This marketing strategy is not only great for maximising brand exposure, it is also a powerful way of getting traffic and generating leads.
Let me give a quick summary how viral loops and giveaway contests usually work. Either they give away something for free to every participant or they offer one BIG price for a lucky winner.
The participation always includes sharing the giveaway and inviting a certain amount of other people to it and this way generating traffic.
Also, the really successful giveaway contest can go viral by more and more participants sharing it and get you a significant amount of new traffic and leads in a short period of time.
Okay, #15: Facebook Chatbots.
Using Automated Facebook Chatbots is another really beneficial way of getting traffic.
Just like with your email list, you can build a list of subscribers to your Facebook Chat and reach out to turn some of them into your traffic.
One of the HUGE benefits of this, generally speaking, Facebook messages have high open and click through rates which can mean a good amount of traffic every time you broadcast a message.
Here are two important things that are good to know about this traffic strategy.
Because of the nature of Facebook messages, you can message your list less frequently than people on your email list, like once a week, without annoying them.
And the other one, you don’t actually own the list of your subscribers. You only control it as long as Facebook allows it. They can anytime change things and cut you off from sending messages.
Even though those limitations are there, as long as Facebook let us use this feature, it is worth tapping into it.
Okay, #16: Affiliate Referrals.
People who worked with you previously and members of your warm audience who trust you and love your services and products can be great affiliate partners.
They can send warm traffic into your sales funnel in exchange for commission on sale. And that traffic of warm leads will convert a LOT better than if you’d drive cold traffic into your sales funnel.
Affiliate Referrals not just can bring you traffic, leads, and clients, it will also decrease your marketing costs and most importantly, you can reach people who you wouldn’t be able to reach otherwise.
Number 17: Ethically Steal The Traffic Sources Of Your Competitors.
Just imagine this: What would it be like for you to see the EXACT places where your competitors are getting traffic from?
Obviously, your competitors won’t share that information with you, but there’s a really cool tool that can give you that info. It’s called SimilarWeb. It not only shows you a summary of traffic stats of a site.
It also shows the EXACT traffic sources to that site. And that’s not all, sometimes you can even find and tap into significant traffic sources you’ve never heard about before. And there’s more.
SimilarWeb has a feature to show you the banner ads of your competitors use on different sites and how long those banner ads have been used.
Why is that important?
Because the longer a banner ad has been actively used gives a great hint that ad is successful. And when you know what banner ads of your competitors work on what sites you can model that.
You can create somewhat similar banners and buy ads on the same site, that way directing some of the traffic into your website or funnel.
Okay, this was the rest of the 17 great ways to get traffic to your website and funnels and the end of our dedicated traffic series.
Thank you for being here today. And before we go, here’s another tip for you…
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