Calling All Bottom Callers: A Contest

In markets like these, timing the crypto market could be tricky, yet profitable.

Think you got what it takes? Here at Vectorspace AI, we’re having a bottom calling contest. Winners will receive 1,000, 5,000 and 10,000 VXV tokens for third, second, and first place in the contest, respectively.

Current Leader Board

Register to win by submitting your bottom calls to or via Telegram at:

The leader board will be published at the end of every month until June 1st 2019 with awards of VXV to winners on a monthly basis. Multi-month entries spanning from today until June 1st are allowed with a grand winning of 50,000 VXV.

One of the reasons we’re holding this competition, aside from the fun factor, is based on a prediction that when the traditional markets crack based on a Black Swan event or a cyclical swing into an extended downturn — bear market territory, most investors, crypto included, will go cash. We predict this will cause a spike down and maybe a few flash crashes across the board in crypto, temporarily and similar to a tsunami ‘drawback’.

Eventually, cash that’s put on the sidelines will have to be put back to work as cash is only temporarily King. The traditional markets will not be a safe haven as they were not during the last downturn starting in 2008 with the fall of Bear Stearns. A flight to quality will occur with a tsunami of cash moving into asset classes that have the most upside, in this case, cryptoassets.

First round contestants can begin submitting their bottom calls on ETH and BTC starting today. Deadline entries are midnight on the last day of the previous month US PDT. For example the bottom for January must be called before January starts. With VXV awards announced Feb 1st. Multi-month entries must be in before Jan 1st 2019.

Meanwhile, we’re entering the contest ourselves and calling an global minima ETH bottom at 39 with a BTC bottom of 1,164.43455 for a multi-month span ending June 1st 2019.

Happy trading!

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