Alternative Tourism Experience Project

Group members : Tongdan Zhu & Xinwei Ye

Still photo survey

PLACE NO.1: Milne’s court & The Writers’ Museum

Here are some photos shot near Milne’s court and The Writers’ Museum, many shapes of pin-up pictures were paste on the sign and some words on the ground just outside the Museum and we noticed that this museum just have few visitors so we chose this as one of our places.

Just few of people come to visit all day , however , it is completely a full history museum and worth to visit .

PLACE NO.2: Royal Yacht Britannia & DOK Artist Space

We also went to find a place that near the ocean just nearby the Portobello , there is a artist studio , we shot some of photos to record.


After a long discuss , we chose the Writers’ Museum , because it represent long history and more culture of Scotland , it worth to let tourists visit .

Revisit Writers’ Museum

Writers’ Museum records so many history of the writers and books , it worth to let more people knows . We stayed here all day but just few of people visit , that’s why we chose it as a good place to guide tourists visit .

We thought that if we want to let some new visitors know and visit here , we need to let them see the location directly , turn right or left and so on. As you can see on the right of the ‘ KIDS CHRISTMAS CRAFTS & CAFE ’ board , if nothing guide , who knows the shop exist ?

We thought together and finally come up an idea — — project something on the ground or on the wall . Look at the stickers on the pipe , they let the pipe shiny and attract people’s eyes , they let pipe live .

Secondly , we decided to make the ‘Writer Writing’ logo live like an advertisement can guide tourists to visit either. Open the video you will know what we made more clearly.

Here just the live logo below :

Here is our final work below , we project the live logos on the path way to this museum , on the ground and the wall :