Sharing of online magazine articles from Dezeen , Medium , Designboom and so on.

In this article is writing about recycle paper and new music video .

Also calling people to help the world.Design can be put to everywhere , pay attention to life .

This article is talking about thinking ways of designing games.

One of the reasons I share this link is because from now on many player and game designer often ignore many details in a game . Also , in this article also include many ways of drawing and sketch , is good to let people know more behind a game.

It is showing about some designs that help users to relieve stress. Also it is my first time to contact with designs like these.

The most big spot is to let me know more about how to use colors flexible and colors might use in designs.

These designs should take more explore . Because nowadays most of the people just working and ignore about relax , so if more explore on this module , society will get more ‘fresh’ .

It’s a great feeling to be able to work towards these goals — goals you wouldn’t necessarily have come across on your own. These selective partnerships enable you to perpetually do great things without investing all of your time into a singular goal. Enjoy the designing work not just for wealth .

Kevin Chao is a new york-based graphic designer , during this talk I know that design is designing life .

During this article I know that everything can be a design and can be put into design. And it inspired me a lot , sometimes design a design that people not imagine , that might be a new design . Who will collect furniture and redesign them ? However , if you did , you will lead the road .

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