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The Marketplace For Independent Creative Agencies Is Fragmented

The business world as we know it is fragmenting at a pace unlike any we’ve seen before. Adam Smith first coined the term “specialization of labor” in Wealth of Nations, published in 1776. Fast-forward 240 years and the rise of digital technology and the democratization of maker and marketing tools has pushed us into an era of hyperspecialization that is recasting every industry on the planet. If Adam Smith were to rewrite his theory today, it would undoubtedly only become more extreme.

Not surprisingly, this trend towards fragmentation has spilled over into the market for top independent creative agencies, creating…

A Change in Direction — Part 1

This was a big day in my life. It was not a particularly special one like the day I was married or the day I landed a big Investment Banking job. It wasn’t special for any reason quite frankly. I was actually alone in my apartment, I had come back from a run on a cold day and I just started writing the statement of purpose you will see below.

Much like with this post, I decided to put myself out there in a genuine way to see what would happen. I had…


The New Business Behind Creativity

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