December 16, 2010

A Change in Direction — Part 1

This was a big day in my life. It was not a particularly special one like the day I was married or the day I landed a big Investment Banking job. It wasn’t special for any reason quite frankly. I was actually alone in my apartment, I had come back from a run on a cold day and I just started writing the statement of purpose you will see below.

Much like with this post, I decided to put myself out there in a genuine way to see what would happen. I had lingered on Wall Street and in IB for about 9 years of my career and the financial crisis changed me.

I felt the foundations that big business had been built on was changing. It was refreshing and I wanted to be a part of it. The democratization of technology, design and marketing tools was inspiring me. Specifically, I was inspired to pursue and to understand the design process and the business value it brought. That intersection still fascinates me.

I had a lot of inspiration. Tim Brown’s book Change by Design on human centered design was the main one. Fast Company was recurring reinforcement that I was on to something. The list goes on and on, not the least of which was Tipping Point and The Google Story. Even Eckert Tolle’s book “The Power of Now” fundamentally changed how I looked at the world.

My 2010 Statement of Purpose (Page 1 Only)

The good news is this statement of purpose worked. In my personal example, I was hired to work as Director of Business Development for a prestigious branding and design firm based in NYC.

My hope is that anyone looking to make a big change finds more courage to do so after reading this. It is a simple idea but we do not have an unlimited amount of time or health to go where we want to go in our careers. Do it or prepare to do it now. I plan on writing a second statement of purpose on December 10, 2015 and every 5 years to see if in fact I am working within my purpose.

Follow me here and connect with me elsewhere. I want to see your statement of purpose — In my next post, I will evaluate how accurate or inaccurate I was with the trends I highlighted in my 2010 statement of purpose.