From Racism, to Systemic Antisemitism in a warp speed.

There’s a surge in Antisemitism / Anti-Zionism just like before the Holocaust, and nobody is fighting it. Why? An open Letter to Jews in Tech & CEOs:

Avi Barel
7 min readJun 4, 2021

The Tech Industry needs to do something about it before it’s too late! Jews are being attacked in free, modern, and democratic countries all over the world, including Canada, USA, UK, and all over Europe, even in Israel (Yes!). But there are no protests against it. So what’s going on and why the hypocrisy? Haven't Jews suffered enough? Haven’t people learned from the history? Or “Never Again” to them has turned into another empty Virtue Signaling?!

But what can we expect from the average user when people in the Tech Industry (including Google itself) can’t google and get their facts right?! People don’t even bother to educate themselves about basic scientific facts, such as: Jewish people are NOT WHITE! Yes, Most of the Jews are not even Caucasians! So please stop with this false narrative of “White Jewish Oppressors” because intellectuals in the Tech industry should be better than that!

A Head of DIVERSITY(!) who can’t see why Jews defend themselves

Oh, and please remember that Jews are still a tiny minority over the entire world, and the number of Jews is still less than what it used to be before the Holocaust, so those who say or use the hashtag “#HitlerWasRight” should be automatically blocked by the Social Media Algorithm. And employees or journalists who do so should be fired ASAP! It’s so sad to be in a minority and fighting against antisemitism and ignorant people who are spreading FAKE NEWS without knowing basic facts about Jews, Israel, and the regional conflict. Especially when me and my friends from the Tech industry (including BigTech) know how those algorithms work, but they still refuse to our requests to take down fake news and antisemitic content. Even on Facebook, although Antisemitic bigots are also spreading absurd conspiracy theories about Mark Zuckerberg himself, just because he is a Jew! Use your AI/ML and Machine Vision in order to identify not only hate speech, but also harmful, antisemitic, violent content, and fake news in images and videos! How come Terrorists supporters, Antisemitic people, and Radicals are still getting a platform to spread fake news and also calling for murdering Jews and destroying Israel?

Words of wisdom, please listen to her

So. Mark Zuckerberg (CEO of Facebook), Larry Page and Sergey Brin (Founders of Google) and other Jewish Tech Leaders should remember their roots as Jews and take action against Antisemitic employees, including some ignorant Jewish employees (Jewish diaspora in Tech?!) who are convinced that they are doing a good thing, without realizing how much damage they do, not only to Israel, but also to the Jewish minorities around the world, including in USA and even in the Silicon Valley! Remember, for the antisemitic fascist and Nazis out there, you’ll always stay a “Evil Jew” even if you dropped Judaism, just like Nazis also killed Self-Hating Jews who did what they did to help the Nazis! Not to mention, they also killed those “useful idiots” who tried to help the evil Nazi empire, thinking to themselves that the Nazis will let them live just because they don’t see themselves as Jews anymore. But it’s not important what they was thinking, because for the Nazis — a JEW is still a JEW!

Israel get canceled because of Fake News

Let me tell you from my personal experience: Running away from Antisemitism in East Europe and making Alyah (Immigration) to Israel after Jews in USSR dreamed about it for 2600 years and struggled to move to Israel, it felt to me like reaching a safe haven, so I don’t wish you the same thing, but remember — with the surge in Antisemitism in your country, you might find yourself in danger! So Israel is the only place you can be yourself, don’t fall into fake news about far away political conflicts (which I’m not gonna get into) and stop cutting the branch you are sitting on when it comes to Israel! And for other Non-Jewish Tech Leaders and Friends, remember — If Israel falls, the west will fall too. Israel is the best ally of USA and the west in the Middle East. Virtue Signaling is nice, but know that outside USA there’s an entire world out there, with some real and existential issues! So appreciate the fact that there’s no a Hamas like Terror organization firing rockets on you, and don’t judge others before you’ve experienced their suffer. And to those Jewish Tech CEOs out there, please help in fighting against the Antisemitism. And yes, Antisemitism = Anti-Zionism.

Yep, It’s a fact — Jews are not white!

In conclusion:

I won’t argue with you (in comment section) about the regional conflict, but if you are going to educate yourself about it. I suggest you to Follow some ISRAELI ARABS and PALESTINIAN ISRAELIS who tell the truth to the world, one of them is Yoseph Haddad, but there are many more! Oh and by now you probably know that Israel is the only Democracy in the Middle East, with equal rights for all citizens, including Muslim Arabs, which joined the Coalition in the Israeli Parliament, as you probably seen in the news.

Arab Israeli fights against Fake News

And as someone who lives in a Mixed-City with Israeli Arabs, I have many Arab friends, and I’ve mentored so many young Jewish and Muslim kids and teenagers about Startups, Hackathons, and how to get into the Tech field. Also, when I worked at some of the BigTech companies in Israel, since they all have R&D centers in Israel, I was pleasured to work with talented and smart Israeli-Arabs (some call themself Palestinian-Israelis) who also get equal rights and they are so thankful for being an Israeli citizens.

We don’t need Virtue Signaling, we need you to act before it’s too late! So, BigTech Please act!

So, I think that the world can and should learn from those Israeli-Arabs who believe in Peace & Love, and please do so, because there are many organizations and groups of interest who want us to hate each other, and most of them are spreading these Fake News, especially in USA and Europe.
Don’t fall into it, and get your facts right.
You are also invited to Israel to see it for yourself, since we are the most vaccinated nation in the world, you can feel safe to travel Israel.

Also, take a look at the news from the Arab World, thanks to the Abraham Accords Peace Agreements Israel Signed with the Arab world, we have some historic news from UAE and other Muslim Countries in the region! So let’s all learn from them and the power of peace and collaboration!

Start with GOOD VIBES:

Forgive me for being very direct in this post, and not so PC, as you may know, most of the Israelis are very straight forward and with the “Israeli Hutzpah”, as someone who came from USSR at a young age, it took me long time to learn about Hutzpah, as most people from Russia are well educated and polite, we had to learn how to be a little rude and learn to be very direct. After all, the Israeli Hutzpah turned our desert into the Startup Nation ;)

Since I got tired of pointless arguments with Antisemitic bigots, I wrote this short post and shared (Copy-Paste) it with some of them, surprisingly I was happy to see positive comments and DMs by other people who told me that it’s a powerful and insightful message. So, I hope you’ll find it useful:

Israel is the technological locomotive of the Middle East

Stop with the BAD VIBES:

Few of the posts I made recently about this issues, forgive me for being a little bit emotional when I wrote them, I’m not an emotional guy (born in USSR you know) but I couldn’t believe when I was reading those articles while hiding in shelter with Hamas Rockets above my head in Tel Aviv. So, I got really really offended by the surge in Antisemitism out there, especially when it’s coming from our Jewish Brothers and Sisters in the west. As a liberal myself, It hurts so much to see the “Liberal-left” becoming more Antisemitic and racist than the Alt-Right! I’m worried, and you should be worried too!

Remember — if we (in the Tech Industry) won’t fight against real Hate Speech and Racist content, no one will! “With great power comes a great responsibility”! So, I hope we won’t see another headlines like this:




The recent events lead us to think about PEACE through TECH, and therefore we have founded The Israeli Tech Frontier. It’s just a small initiative right now, but we are working with some serious organizations to plan and make the best out of it, to promote Technological Innovation and the Economics of Peace in the region, and around the world. Contact us if you want to help or just say hello. :)

Peace and Love my friends!

And if want to know more about why Anti-Zionism = Antisemitism, or who are the Jewish people and why it’s not only a religion, watch this video.



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