Rush Simonson

Hi Rush, thanks for your kind words!

I agree, I also have too many devices and gadgets. I think Microsoft’s vision is the best when it comes to one ecosystem, and even I was skeptic about Windows 8. But I have joined Microsoft under new leadership and I was so amazed by how this company has changed, they dare, they have innovation and they are not afraid to try new stuff! and yes, Windows is not perfect (and I still prefer Macs) but I admit that I think that Microsoft’s vision for Cross-Platform ecosystem is better, for developers do develop once, and for consumers to use the same apps on every Windows powered device, and when we are talking about wearable, AR/MR & VR devices (not to mention IoT) I think Microsoft has an advantage over Apple.

But Apple has a solid and polished experience, maybe that’s why the Designer in me prefers Mac, but I’m not limiting myself to Apple-Only products. I enjoy every tech gadgets, and while I’m crazy about the iPhone — as a daily drive I prefer Android, I think my Galaxy S8 Plus is the best device I ever had…

Peace my friend :)

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