Homeless iPhone
Fabrice Dubois

Nice work! Swipe up to quit is a better solution than Samsung’s one in my Galaxy S8+. We (S8 users) can Hide the NavBar (even without rooting the device) but then in order to quit apps, you have to:

  1. 3D touch the exact Home Virtual Home button area — which is not a good UX because sometimes accidental hits within the App UI are invoking unwanted action.
  2. Swiping up to show the NavBar and then tap Home, which is also a bad UX, so although I can hide the navbar, and use the entire screen, I’m not doing so…
  3. Pic Controls — which I use from my Nexus days, but nowadays it also works without root. it’s nice but it’s not the best UX…

Let’s see what Apple will do about it;)


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