Don’t lie or ignore the recruiter. Since the design industry is so small, it could come back to bite you later.
Not Taking Your Dream Job Isn’t The End of The World
Tiffany W. Eaton

That’s absolutely correct, and not only in our discipline.
Anyways, it’s a good thing that you are not feeling bad about it, it takes a courage to turn down an offer from large company.

If it helps — From my experience with Google, I can tell you that they are always nice and their HR is amazing! I got ofer from Google back when I used to work for Cisco, and I have nicely turned it down… And then few years later, I’ve received another interesting job offer from them, which I’ve decided to go through because most of my Googeler friends encouraged me to do so, and so I did. It was fun and interesting process, but at the end it wasn’t the perfect fit to my career goals, so we both have decided that maybe later. ;)

And few months after I found myself happy at Microsoft, so yes, there are a lot of great Companies out there! And they are all super nice when it comes to Win-Win situations, and they care not only about the position, but they care even more about the candidate and his / her career goals. Be honest and they’ll always understand you and maybe even ping back to you in the future, after all — the world is small.

Good luck!

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