While this idea sounds like a good go-forward path, Let’s start with some basics for today’s…
Eric Davis

Well, I have two Magic mouse 2, and yes Apple’s products are expensive, but when you are right! but Apple doesn’t force us to use their mouse, actually Mac supports any Keyboard and Mouse in the market, but there is some magic in Apple’s products, so I like them.

As for Touch and Mouse in iOS, well Android is also a great example, every Android device supports Mouse and Keyboard if the user wants to connect them, and yes it’s not perfect (and I’m sure Apple will never deliver such unpolished experience!), because, unlike what I have suggested in the article, Android doesn’t adapt itself to Desktop mode when needed, the UI always is on Tablet mode, but let’s see what Google gonna do about it with Fuchsia OS, after all, Android is already a Cross-Platform OS (sort of) and it supports x86 hardware (just like Linux and Windows).

Thanks for your reply, have a nice weekend :)

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