EOPT Airdrop — 200 USD for you

200 USD for you


♦️ GET 1,000 EOPT Tokens for Free!!!



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♦️ EOPT is the token of EasyOption, which is the first global cryptocurrencies binary options trading platform.

♦️The team has won top VC’s investment.

♦️ Get EOPT, you have opportunity to get 100,000 EOS.

Event Details:http://www.easyoption.io/campaign


Participating in an airdrop is not risky because you are not sharing any information with them. You just have to put your ETH wallet where you will receive coins.

There are a lot of reasons for airdrop. Sometimes, after ICO private sale, they decide to cancel crowdsale because they got enough money for they project but they also want to give something to the community that was waiting for crowdsale so they organize airdrop. The point of airdrop is to increase hype about some project.

If project wants to increase hype it means they are serious and they want to achieve something. Also, you have to know that they are not giving you money. They are not giving you $ but coins that should have value once they get listed but before listing it has no value. Their value will be set once the tokens hit the exchanges.

So, you will get 1000 EOPT coins. Estimated value of each coin is $0.2, so total it is $200.

We must be fast if you wanna get it. Yesterday, their first room was fully packed but they’ve opened another one.

IMPORTANT: Having a few years of experience in Binary Options, we can tell you they are usually scam. The instrument itself is constructed in a way that slowly drives you to becoming bankrupt. DO NOT touch binary options. But an airdrop is always nice.

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