Is there a faster way (than Google fonts) other than local fonts, because Google fonts r on a cloud…
Syed Hateem

Syed, any font that has to be downloaded to the device the site visitor is using will add time to download. The #1 reason people leave websites after nanoseconds is because the site is slow to load. The trip to the Google server in addition to your host server adds time.

The fastest sites use system fonts and allow substitutes (e.g., Arial or Helvetica if the user doesn’t have Myriad Pro installed).

Visitors are looking at the message you’re trying to communicate. They’ve most likely arrived at your site via a link from a SERP or other resource that referred them to your site. They are looking for specific information. Don’t make them wait to see the site, mentally analyze what they’re seeing, then finally allow them to digest the information.

UX is everything. Don’t build a site for other designers to admire and imitate. Build a site for the average user.

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