How to Style Paperbag-Waist Pants

Paperbag-waist pants are high-waisted pants and when gathered at the waist have some fabric coming out at the top above the cinched area, somewhat like a tied paper bag. This style was big on the resort runways and offers a new feminine look for pant lovers. However this style draws attention to your waist area and is tricky to wear if you are thick in the middle.

This style pant is loose and baggy but there are streamlined styles which can be worn to work (not to a job interview). Paperbag-waist pants can have a flattering elongated effect on legs. They look best with basic T’s, or fitted or crop tops that are made for high-waist pants. To be in good taste avoid tops that are too revealing. You want to show off the paperbag-waist style. This new waistline can be styled with a thin belt, rope or colorful scarf giving you a lot of options.

Longer jackets are very chic with paperbag-waist pants. Style skinny high-waist pants and jeans with flats while looser flared styles are better matched with wedges and heels.

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