Meg Whitman: “Country before Party”

Meg Whitman is the current President, and Chief Executive Officer of Hewlett Packard, and a well-known Republican supporter, and fundraiser, having previously supported Mitt Romney in 2008, and again in 2012. In the 2016 primaries, she lent her support to Gov. Chris Christie, until he withdrew his name from the bid for party leadership.

Whitman is also the latest GOP supporter to speak out against Donald Trump.

In a phone interview with the New York Times, she has vowed to give a “substantial” donation to Hillary Clinton’s campaign to try and curb The Donald. Whitman confirmed that while yes, she was still a GOP supporter, she would be voting for Hillary Clinton, despite not agreeing with her on policy, because now is the time for the Republicans to “start putting their country before their party”. Additionally, she mentioned that she would be speaking to other big name Republican donors to withdraw their support.

Whitman is also well known for her harsh criticism of Trump- she publically referred his likeness to that of Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini, saying that “dictators often come into power through democratic means”. And when New Jersey Governor Chris Christie announced that he was dropping out of the 2016 Republican Primaries, she criticized his move and likened it to “an astonishing display of political opportunism”.

Meg is the highest-profile donor so far to jump ship, so-to-speak, but other defectors are trickling in.

On Tuesday, Rep. Richard Hanna became the first House Republican to say that he will be supporting Hillary Clinton and the Democrats in the November election. In an op-ed he penned for the Syracuse Post-Standard, he announced that he found Trump “unfit to serve our party and lead this country. Secretary Clinton has issues that depending on where one stands, can be viewed as great or small. But she stands and had stood for causes bigger than herself for a lifetime. That matters.”

And just two days ago on Monday, Sally Bradshaw, a former Jeb Bush advisor, announced that she was quitting the party.

A recurring theme in many Republican-related conversations as of late echo Meg Whitman’s statement- should we vote Trump because of party loyalty and the very thought of Hillary Clinton causes one to feel nausea and disdain? Or still support the party, but vote for the other guy because we’re worried about the consequences of a Trump presidency? All valid questions, and points, and only time will tell.

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