Why do we need last year’s Lifestyle trend more than ever?


Lagom, “enough, sufficient, adequate, just right” is the latest buzz word ready to take over as the lifestyle trend of the year 2017. This is second time in a row that a phonetically taxing Scandinavian ethic is directing the world to the art of living life. (Last year it was Hygge)

In the past six months the word ‘lagom’ has seen a huge rise on Google searches and has been tweeted about 13,500 times.

Post a remarkable 2016, in times of such global economic uncertainty, Lagom seems to be an apt pseudo-philosophical way of life. This trend accentuates frugal living, intensifying the significance of recycling in our lives. An idea that pitches that we can strike a healthy balance with the world around us without having to make extreme changes, and without denying ourselves anything.

This trend was propagated by Swedish furniture giant, IKEA which often drives global design directions. They started a three year long initiative called ‘Live Lagom’ helping people know “how to make sustainable living easier, more affordable and attractive.”

Synonymous the Pantone color of the year 2017 “Greenery” also exemplifies the growing trend and shift towards sustainable living.


Though 2016 was all about Hygge — a new word added to the Oxford English Dictionary and a major contender for word of the year. This lifestyle trend has already had its moment all over the world.

“Hygge” means coziness. Everything from cardigans, chocolates and candles that indulged you to feel cosy was relevant.

Though what reached the world was more of Brygge (Products marketed by Britain using the Hygge trend).

Is it now time to find hygge in the lagom living?!

Though concept of sustainability, nurturing environment and green initiatives have been prevalent for a while, it is the need of the hour to find contentment in doing the same.

Lagom lifestyle (read sustainable living) will only be rational if there is Hygge (read contentment) to go with it.

Mixing these two trends might bring a fundamental change the world is waiting for.

Let’s try to live it just right!