Get Custom Salt Shaker for your Dining Table

If you are looking for custom salt shaker for your dining table then there are a number of varieties available from which you can have your pick. There are some that come with grinders which help you to grind at that instant and use freshly ground salt to season your food. So choose one that is lasting and best to meet all your needs.

Get custom salt shaker for custom seasoning

Patch wood salt shaker has a beautiful design that can enhance your dining table. It is hand crafted and costs $75. It has a pear shaped body with a ceramic grinder with luxurious wood finish. It is an exquisite gift to be given to anybody. They are made from selected pieces of wood that are then sized. These are then stacked, layered and laminated to give them the beautiful finish. They are dyed after turning on a wood lathe.

The salt shakers are 4” in height and less than 3 “in diameter. Each salt shaker is made from different pieces of wood of varying sizes. It has an enameled handle or a chrome handle to operate. The ceramic grinding mechanismis built to last a life time. It does not corrode like metals do when used to grind salt. If you buy two pieces they offer you a generous quantity of Himalayan salt and five color pepper peppercorns.

Ceramic Salt Holder for custom Seasoning and Blending

This is a ceramic salt holder which is handmade and ideal to be kept in the kitchen to keep the cooking area neat and orderly. It is available in rainbow colors. You can use your fingers when you require a pinch of salt or use the spoon that accompanies it. Ceramic salt holder is available in different colors and can be used for each of your spices.

The different colors that it is available in are olive green, coffee brown periwinkle purple, robin’s egg blue, yellow and many more colors. These are made on the pottery wheel and are 5” long and 4” broad with a hole for an opening which is less than three. These look beautiful for kitchen use and can be given as gifts.

Personalized Salt Shaker that can be given as anniversary gifts

If you are looking for a handmade anniversary gifts that you would like to give to your friends than you can give hand painted salt and pepper shakers. You can send your pictures and the manufacturers will paint the picture of your friend and her loved one and send it to you. Any message you like to add will be written on the salt and pepper shaker.

This cannot be put in a dishwasher or soaked in water. It has to be washed carefully by hand. The salt shaker has one hole and the pepper shaker has three holes. If you are a person who likes Eco-friendly items than you can have a salt shaker and pepper mill made of bamboo. They have a solid construction which makes them ideal for kitchen setting.

So if you are interested in buying a salt shaker and a pepper mill for your table you can choose one from above and order it.

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