World Issues

Hey! everyone my thoughts today are that we live on this planet right? so, we breathing the same air and going through life struggles one day at a time. You’ve had good times and bad also some sad right? So, why is it that skin color or our differences in how we live cause such trouble to the point we get violent, have we forgotten how to communicate our dislikes or preferences and just respect each others boundaries no matter how much we disagree with them? Some of us grew up differently and there’s bitterness about how we were treated but, we really want to spread the same negativity that we dislike so much to another generation or other people we want to know, end the foulness that polluted our lives and instead teach like minded people to escape the foolishness and forgive them and ourselves that we can move on. God help the stronger to help the weaker who suffer not able see the way to escape. Let’s be heroic to save those in need of our help, God let us hear their silent cries.

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