Frequently Asked Questions about The Digital Discovery+ Deep Dive (4Ds)

Here are a few FAQs about the full day workshop & immersion hosted at VaynerX offices in New York City, London, and Los Angeles.

QUESTION: Is the cost of the program per person or per business?

ANSWER: The cost of the program is per person, this allows us to keep the groups intimate. We limit attendance to 12 attendees per session, we’ve found the sessions to be most impactful when the group is small, between 8–12 people.

QUESTION: What happens during the course of a 4Ds program?

ANSWER: We enable small to medium sized businesses by providing them with the insights and education they need to better serve their businesses through utilizing social and digital media. In eight breakout sessions and workshops, focusing on the topics of platform best practices, media planning, brand strategy, disruptive creative thinking, influencer campaigns, personal branding, and company culture, we equip those in the room with the language and tactical understanding they’ll need to build and scale their teams, campaigns, and businesses.

QUESTION: What kind of businesses are typically in the room? I’m worried my business might be too small.

ANSWER: We’ve hosted every size business and type of business at 4Ds. Retail to real estate, service providers to consumer packaged goods, agency services to events. There is no typical business or size. If you have an appetite to learn and a desire to adapt to the current way consumers and businesses engage, there’s a place in the room for you and your business at 4Ds.

QUESTION: Does Gary Vaynerchuk attend every session? How much 1-on-1 time will attendees get with him?

ANSWER: Gary Vaynerchuk is booked for 60 minutes in every 4Ds, he holds a private consulting session with the businesses in the room and goes 1-on-1 with them in the group setting to work through a particular challenge or obstacle they’re facing. Attendees are encouraged to bring 2–3 specific questions for their time with Gary.

QUESTION: Other than Gary, who else is speaking, instructing, leading workshops?

ANSWER: Senior Leadership from the VaynerX team, and subject matter experts in each discipline lead case study presentations and workshops.

QUESTION: How do I know if the timing is right for my business to attend?

ANSWER: The subject matter is applicable to all businesses. All of the following apply,

  • You’re looking to run your advertising spends more effectively
  • You’re looking for guidance in building a cohesive digital and social strategy
  • You’re looking for advice on how to scale business or teams
  • You’re looking for ways to more effectively reach a target audience
  • You’re looking to understand how to structure and build internal marketing team
  • You’re looking to learn how to speak the social/digital language to hold agency partners accountable
  • You’re looking to build or grow a personal brand
  • You’re looking to launch or bring a new product to market or reinvigorate an existing one

QUESTION: What happens if I need to change my 4Ds date?

ANSWER: Attendees are permitted to change their date up to one week prior to the event. Ticket is non-refundable but can be exchanged for different dates available in the same calendar year.

QUESTION: How often are 4Ds sessions held?

ANSWER: Sessions are typically held twice per month at VaynerX offices in New York City, Los Angeles, and London.

QUESTION: When does the day start and end?

ANSWER: Sessions start at 8AM and end between 6 and 7PM.

QUESTION: What does the schedule look like for the day?

ANSWER: Mock Schedule Below, *this schedule is subject to change

  • 8AM — Arrival/Introductions/Catered Breakfast
  • 9–10AM — Platform Partnerships and Social/Digital Landscape
  • 10–11AM — Emerging Technology and VOICE
  • 11–12PM— Media Buying and Planning on Social and Digital
  • 12–1PM — Influencer Media, Building Your Influencer Campaigns
  • 1–1:30PM — Catered Lunch
  • 1:30–2:30PM — Gary Vaynerchuk Consulting and Q&A
  • 2:30–3:00PM — TeamGaryVee, Building Your Internal Marketing Teams
  • 3:00–4:30PM — Integrated Strategy & Creative, Build Your Content Strategy
  • 5:00–6:00PM — Company Culture, Building and Scaling Your Teams

QUESTION: What happens after I finish the day?

ANSWER: Once the day is complete you’re officially a 4Ds alumni. You’ll have access the presenters and VaynerX resources for check ins and weekly platform updates. You’ll also be added to the 4Ds alumni community which is comprised of over 300 of your 4Ds peers, in addition to access to 4Ds alumni events.

QUESTION: How can I continue working with VaynerMedia and The Sasha Group?

ANSWER: The Sasha Group is currently taking on new clients, to speak with someone from The Sasha Group please fill out the inquiry form at

QUESTION: Where can I find availability and dates?

ANSWER: Please select your desired location at one of the links below to see upcoming dates and availability.

QUESTION: What else should I know?

ANSWER: Attendees are encouraged to attend drinks and bites hosted by VaynerX the night prior to the event. Once registered you’ll receive details — please plan your travel accordingly.

QUESTION: I have more questions, how can I speak with someone?

ANSWER: Please send an email to