Evaluating the high implementation costs for unique ad formats in gaming, sports, and film

Technology has made it possible to adventure through medieval worlds via a phone screen, stream hundreds of sports plays at home, and watch movies in 3D. These digital integrations bring portability to a once static experience. As audiences move online and new features constantly roll out, the bar is placed high for advertisers to follow suit. Billboards, newspaper ads, and door-to-door sales now seem like the practices of yesteryear. Virtual reality and video manipulation have brought the purely imagined into existence.

Nevertheless, high costs, production needs…

Using AI to create a delightful video monetization experience built to scale across content mediums

“Buy this” — the phrase all advertisers want to say, but can’t say without an explanation. Only after multiple testimonials, demonstrations, celebrity endorsements, and rows of HD pictures can this simple message truly be understood and enacted on by consumers.

After all, advertising relies on building connections and guiding audiences to realize a demand. Much more than a measure to increase the bottom line, advertising is a means of communication and in itself requires mutual understanding and respect to function. The current situation has put…

Finding touchpoints between esports and traditional sports for new sponsorship opportunities

Key Insights:

  • The coronavirus spurs major event cancellations and negative impact on revenue.
  • Lack of growth in the sports industry has been only spotlighted now due to the pandemic.
  • Some teams and leagues have already been successful in implementing an esports shift while the pandemic continues.
  • The esports community expands amid the pandemic while opening new avenues for brand partnerships and exposure.

With the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic, new shelter-in-place constraints, and social distancing measures, many industries have taken losses these past 6 months. Throughout sports, the pandemic’s…

Identifying child predators and toxic behavior using natural language processing

“Don’t talk to strangers.” For children who have heard this 30 years ago, it was easy to see who they knew and who they didn’t. Now with electronic devices aplenty, flexible online communications, and high rates of digital media consumption, the internet has given the powers of access and anonymity to anyone anywhere. A single username could represent multiple people behind screens who are drastically different than they describe. And as opportunities move online, so follow illicit activities. …

Blending ads with content improves audience sentiment and connection

At $336 billion, digital advertising spending is projected to account for over half of total ad spend in 2020. There’s no doubt that it’s an avenue in which everyone is trying to enter and master. As millions of people are confined indoors with limited social gatherings, knowledge about and fluency in the digital ecosystem is more important than ever for big and small brands alike. And for consumers, ways to maintain normalcy through online shopping and brand discovery have only increased.

Despite the postponement of the Olympics and cancellations of popular…

As COVID-19 continues to change the world as we know it, many thoughts and assumptions regarding the general outcome are often ever-changing. People constantly question how each industry will be impacted by this virus- typically with poor expectations. For esports, hopefully, this is not the case.

According to the Washington Post, there was a 50% viewership increase from March to April on the popular gaming platform, Twitch, resulting in almost 1.5 billion gaming hours. With rising hours of viewership and overall engagement, esports is capitalizing on opportunities that most traditional sports teams typically do not provide for fans. Newzoo even…

Digital communities are the new campfires! Creating love and long term loyalty requires groundwork and authentic communication.

Embedded Playstation ad in GTA5 using 4D Sight

Key takeaways:

  1. Video ads are irritating! There are already a few non-intrusive styles that are better for retention of viewer engagement.
  2. Audience engagement and interactive marketing can entertain viewers, allowing brands to have a distinct competitive edge, provide viewer retention, and build a positive brand image.
  3. Streaming services for esports/gaming and broadcasting have chat features that can allow for real-time analysis of individual reactions before, during, and after an ad is displayed.

If you’ve been following the 2020 season of the Overwatch League…

How embedded ads blend user experience and brand awareness for positive sentiment

source: 4D Sight

“Skip this ad in 5, 4…” We’ve all been there — counting down the seconds until we can press the button and return to our regular viewing session. Most of the time, we’re not interested in the ad content shown to us, only frustrated that it came up during the best part of the video. As more things move onto a digital format and TV becomes less preferred, the ways that advertisements reach consumers have also dramatically changed.

From billboards to print to sign spinners to inflatable tube…

It is no longer a surprise that esports gaming is now a $1 billion-dollar industry, and is suspected to have more viewers than every professional sports league excluding the NFL by 2021. The rapid and widespread growth of esports has led to sponsorship revenue as being the largest source of income for esports teams, resulting in complex contracts and other monetary agreements between the players, teams, organizations, etc. Many gamers lack the necessary tools and freedoms when it comes to understanding these issues and how imbalanced portions of pay between brand deals and sponsorships are reducing their overall value as…

Erhan Ciris

Founder and CEO of 4D Sight

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