Evaluating the high implementation costs for unique ad formats in gaming, sports, and film

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Technology has made it possible to adventure through medieval worlds via a phone screen, stream hundreds of sports plays at home, and watch movies in 3D. These digital integrations bring portability to a once static experience. As audiences move online and new features constantly roll out, the bar is placed high for advertisers to follow suit. Billboards, newspaper ads, and door-to-door sales now seem like the practices of yesteryear. Virtual reality and video manipulation have brought the purely imagined into existence.

Nevertheless, high costs, production needs, and physical dependencies are barriers that many content creators face. Industry-specific requirements have caused silos in ad integration technologies. In the following, we look into esports, traditional sports, and film/broadcasting to review challenges that can be solved with 4D Sight’s AI-enabled monetization technology.

Using AI to create a delightful video monetization experience built to scale across content mediums

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“Buy this” — the phrase all advertisers want to say, but can’t say without an explanation. Only after multiple testimonials, demonstrations, celebrity endorsements, and rows of HD pictures can this simple message truly be understood and enacted on by consumers.

After all, advertising relies on building connections and guiding audiences to realize a demand. Much more than a measure to increase the bottom line, advertising is a means of communication and in itself requires mutual understanding and respect to function. The current situation has put consumers and brands at an impasse. Consumers are annoyed with being spammed with content, but also require multiple exposures before considering a purchase. …

Finding touchpoints between esports and traditional sports for new sponsorship opportunities

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Key Insights:

  • Lack of growth in the sports industry has been only spotlighted now due to the pandemic.
  • Some teams and leagues have already been successful in implementing an esports shift while the pandemic continues.
  • The esports community expands amid the pandemic while opening new avenues for brand partnerships and exposure.


Erhan Ciris

Founder and CEO of 4D Sight, working on deep video monetization across various mediums. To learn more please visit www.4dsight.com

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