Pac-man ate my ballot!

As jazz artist Gil Scott-Heron has already informed us, The revolution will not be televised (play the track while you read, if you like). Indeed, it has already surely happened (without bloodshed) in our election follies. And We-the-people are chumps for allowing it! Sadly, I must concede that Donald Trump is right: the election process has been, is, and will be rigged. Thru incompetence and a snoozing electorate we have lost our electoral franchise, as detailed in this fine (if lengthy) article titled How to hack an election in seven minutes. You will be entertained and edified by reading even a portion of it. May we rise to our duty as citizens to demand paper trails and unhackable aggregation!

A few quotes to whet your appetite: “In less than a minute, they infected a Diebold machine with self-duplicating code, spreading from machine to machine through an administrator card, and programmed it to swing an election for Benedict Arnold over George Washington.” [more quotes at my blog — no tracking, no ads: MeridaGOround .com]