Parametrizing Casper: the decentralization/finality time/overhead tradeoff
Vitalik Buterin

Question at the moment because of the structure of icos most of the money flows into either since all the icos are either based. All this buying is causing the price to hike and because of simple suply and demand ether finds an unatrol floor for the price. All the other coins aren’t sustaining the same level because there coins aren’t being basically distorted for a year. So basically every ico that raises money in either and has it in escrow is creating an unattainable price because those coins can’t be put back to balance the market. So my theory is that if bitcoins natural growth doesn’t keep up with this chart of fake bitcoin sales bitcoin will start slipping very hard and will cause the entire market to crash significantly unless they change the format and escrow is divided into a bunch of currencies so that everyone injoys the demand upswing. Sorry for the spelling

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