Lai Mohammed’s foot and mouth
Cheta Nwanze

Cheta, I am sure I was part of the conversation you had on this issue. From what you have written here, you just simply went with a preconceived notion.

  1. There is no lack of post-production expertise in Nigeria.
  2. There is not lack of scenery in Nigeria. Some of those videos you thought were shot abroad were actually shot here. Props are some of the things that also jazz videos up. Props are man-made. They are like works of art.
  3. Power is a Nigerian problem, but it is not a problem when shooting on location. Videos are usually shot on location with the use of power generators

The main reason why some Nigerian music videos are shot abroad is EQUIPMENT. The equipments are expensive and cost a lot to import. There are more production houses abroad, who already have those equipments.

In closing, videos are still shot in Nigeria.