This blog is an extension of my website 4freedoms4kids.com

I developed the site as a way for elementary/middle school teachers to communicate their social studies projects that involve the concept of freedom as depicted in FDR’s 4 freedoms speech and Norman Rockwell’s 4 freedoms paintings.

The motivating force for my development of this site was experiencing 9/11 in NYC with my family. I had a family member perish and knew countless others who had friends, family who were directly hurt. I questioned how could this happen? I read about children who are being indoctrinated to hate, to be intolerant of others who are different, to kill others who are different than themselves. Children are impressionable and vulnerable. We need to provide opportunities for all children to develop open minded attitudes about living in a world that is diverse. And to develop skills to problem solve about our differences.

I hope that this blog will serve to link elementary/middle school teachers’ ideas in standing together, standing strong, and leading us to a horizon that shines with freedom for all.