Dear Vin,

It's Vin here. I know that you must be pretty busy these weeks and it's likely that you would never read this letter, but I'm taking this one as a Kirk Gibson swing on a 3–2 pitch in a 9th inning of a World Series game. Well, with all due respect, Sir, the 68 seconds of your silence after that hit are my favorite moment in sports, period.

I'm from Brazil and in my country baseball is not a top sport, to put it in a very optimistic perspective. We Brazilians appreciate most of the American sports and all the kids have their favorite NBA (mine was the Sonics), NFL (Cowboys, but it was the early 90’s so I had a reason) and even a NHL team (Penguins, just because of Lemieux). Baseball is too complex, too boring, we say.

It was Opening Day 2014 and I was in Boston with my friend Chris in a happy hour to tell him about that I would be spending a lot of time in LA as my wife was starting her MBA in UCLA and he couldn't pay attention to the conversation as he checked on the scores all the time. As an Angels fan living in the East Coast, he started his sell: "OK, Vini, in LA you must remember to support the Angels, not the Dodgers".

Curious enough, I asked about the Dodgers and his words were: "it's okay if you support the Dodgers. I like their announcer very much — he's the best in baseball and many people like the Dodgers because of him". Chris had lost his mind, I thought. My Brazilian soccer fan mind couldn't possibly process that someone would support a team because of a voice. But well…

Once in Los Angeles, I got a Dodgers hat from a friend visiting the city (he stated we must wear "Los Angeles hats" there). One week later, my friend Amy invited me to watch a ball game at the Dodger Stadium and so did I. It was July, 31 2015 and the Dodgers beat my friend's team by 5–3 with Zack Greinke pitching. My next game in Chavez Ravine was a Kershaw's complete game against the Giants, so I must admit I was also spoiled.

The day after Clayton's show, I felt that I needed to understand more of the game. When I turned my TV on, my very first sound from the TV was a welcoming salute from you that instantly got me to a: "Oh, the voice!". I sat down and I didn't watch the ball game: I listened to its story through you.

Facts are, I have not much more than a one year Dodger experience as a fan, so about 66 years less than yours, but I was lucky enough to be transported by your stories to many beautiful moments, from Sandy Koufax to Jackie Robinson, to Rick Monday, Fernandomania, 1988 and until now. It's been quite a journey the one to become a Dodger and mostly I owe it to you.

Today, I spent sometime reading many stories about how people admire you and the humble way that you are receiving all this love in your farewell season. This is much more than being successful, it's setting an example. Years will come and go and I'll always remember the one that made me proudly say to anyone: "Nice to meet you. I'm Vin, like Vin Scully". That's almost always good enough to listen to a new fascinating story from other fan of yours.

Thank You,

PS: I'm returning to LA from Mexico to your last day at Dodger Stadium this Sunday. May you have a fantastic and remarkable day as you deserve. #ITFDB #dearvin
July, 31 2015 — Dodgers 5x3 Angels — #ITFDB
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