Here we continue to explore Fourth Industrial Revolutions technologies, innovations and disruptions, as well as Divi’s place in this new era.

“In this Industrial Revolution our potential for success is fully dependent on our ability to embrace technologies for connectivity — technologies that establish new communities, allow for new forms of money and produce new governance systems simultaneously. Connectivity has become the lifeblood of our economies and societies.”

Discussed are blockchain, cryptocurrencies and digital democracies.

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Part 1: What Are Industrial Revolutions?

Part 2: Innovation, Disruption & Opportunity

Part 3: Divi — Technology For Connectivity

“In celebration of Divi’s listing on BitMax, the BitMax English Telegram channel hosted an AMA with Divi CEO Geoff McCabe and Divi Co-Founder & CIO Nick Saponaro on Monday, September 28th. Shane Molidor, BitMax Global Head of Business Development, acted as moderator.”

Read the AMA transcript here and don’t forget to check out $DIVI / $USDT trading on BitMax at:

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Divi has identified BitMax as a key partner in its expansion to new markets across the world. As a leading Singapore-based exchange the relationship will allow Divi to reach and attract new investors and increase brand awareness across Asia and beyond.

“A major issue for the crypto community is how to engage more traders from the public. …