History tells us what may happen next with Brexit & Trump
Tobias Stone

Great. Yet another identity politics piece of propaganda that blames Putin for all of current problems.

If you really do follow world news, you’d note pretty much every single one of Putin’s moves has been purely defensive, in response to NATO, or more specifically the US, stirring up trouble in places that have always been Russian-aligned.

Some examples: Georgia. US sponsors an Orange Revolution (an anti-Russian Brexit if you will, ostensibly in the name of democracy… but Brexit was pretty democratic too). The new state then decides to start indiscriminately shelling a de-facto (if not de jure) separate area, killing a number of both civilians and peacekeepers. Somehow, Putin and Russia are the bad guys here.

Ukraine. What happens is the example of the IRA-aligned government suddenly winning the election in Ireland, or Canada having protests against a corrupt, but democratically elected government on a wave of extreme nationalism. The hypothetical Irish immediately start trying to pass anti-English laws, citing past transgressions, and with slogans like Ireland for Irish, that’s in addition to their cultural rights slowly eroded over the last 2 decades. At some point, English Falklands War and Iraqi Freedom veterans get annoyed and start shooting.

Syria. Saudi decides it wants a new pipeline to the Mediterranean. Suddenly, rebranded Al-Qaeda are the moderate rebels, and Assad, who’s been there basically forever and ran a modern, secular state the best he could under conditions in Syria, is a dictator who’s almost worse than Hitler. Cue major help for “moderate rebels” and some very unconfirmed evidence of chemical attacks. Now the world has their hearts out for ISIS in Aleppo as they fall victim to Putin’s incessant warmongering…

Oh, and I’m not even mentioning Lybia (highest quality of life in Africa before it fell), Iraq, or Egypt, whch have nothing to do with Russia, but have been invaded or destabilised to the point of civil war in the name of “Democracy.” Newsflash: a dictator is better than hundreds of thousands of people dead, and the entire country in ruins, the rest of the population unable to provide for their families, and Salafi nuts running the place. At least Egypt was able to avoid most of this, which is more than you can say about Lybia, Syria, or Iraq.

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