8 Major Benefits of Having an E-commerce Website

Aug 24, 2018 · 3 min read

Electronic commerce or e-Commerce is a term, which is widely used to describe any type of business transaction that involves the passing of information/data over the Internet. In the last decade, we have witnessed an explosion of e-Commerce websites appearing on the Internet.

E-commerce is here to offer a whole new wide range of opportunities to the small retailers. We collected the top 8 benefits of having an e-commerce website.

1. No geographical limitation

When it comes to traditional stores, you can only do business where you have set up your store. This is not the case with E-commerce websites, where the whole world is your playground if planned well. People from one corner of the world can easily order a specific product from another corner of the world with one click.

2. Find your product faster

We have all been through the hassle of locating or finding a specific product in a store, running up and down the aisles and asking the person in charge to assist you. This is not the case with e-commerce websites, as the customer just has to click through intuitive navigation or just type the specific product in the search bar to immediately find the product they have been looking for.

3. Save travel time and cost

One of the main reasons for people shifting from traditional stores to e-commerce is because it saves the travel time and cost. For a traditional shop, the customer has to visit the store to purchase the item whereas for an ecommerce website he can just do it with few clicks sitting at home.

4. Coupons and offers

As many of you would think both stores and E-commerce websites do coupons and offers , yes, But e-commerce website makes it more convenient and easy for customers to avail them. Imagine a situation where you have coupons for groceries in one store and discount voucher of clothing in a completely different store. Imagine the amount of hassle you would have to face to buy both these products. when it comes to online shopping you can purchase anything with just few clicks.

5. 24/7 open

Another major factor why the customer has shifted from traditional store to e-commerce websites is that they can shop at odd timings too. E-commerce store timings are 24*7*365. An e-commerce website has no obligation which is why they can remain open all the time. The sellers benefit from it as they gain more and more orders and for the customer, around the clock store is much more convenient.

6. Easy way to gain customer

Traditional shops depend mostly on branding and relations to drive more customers to their shop but on the other hand e-commerce drive most of its traffic from search engines. Over 30% of e-commerce traffic comes from organic searches on search engines. This is just the traffic from organic searches and then we have advertisements, social media traffic which is the tipping point for many e-commerce businesses.

7. Lower cost/investment

One of the best reasons to have an e-commerce website is because it requires a low investment compared to a traditional store.

8. More information

When you go into a store, the only information you see is that written on the product and the price of the product. In an e-commerce store, additional information is easily available to the customer in just one click.

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