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Can mobile apps actually solve a problem?

Don’t just build an app , build a solution…

Today, millions of businesses around the world utilizes the power of mobile apps to solve problems facing in today’s world. If you think mobile apps are not just for big name brands such as Nike, Amazon. In fact, these days many small businesses you interact on a daily basis have their own dedicated mobile app -be it the beauty salon downtown or the coffee shop in the corner. These companies are ahead of the game.

What problems apps can actually solve, or in other words how can the app help my business ?

· Customer Service

Customer service is an important part of any business. Businesses often struggle to keep conversation going with customers. With mobile app you can manage your customers more efficiently and effectively. You can instantly connect with your customer via mobile app 24 /7 , most of the customers around the world expect a response within 30 minutes which is very hard to manage. To meet those demands, consistently you need to be able to quickly identify & resolve customer services. With mobile app you can integrate social channels and get it done very quickly. Latest news and product updates can be sent via push notifications.

· Managing Supply Chain

Companies often struggle with supply chain issue in a value chain. Due to issues with supply chain they affect their margins on a top line. Mobile apps can manage this issue with much more agility. Overall business efficiency can be improved by the mobility.

· On-demand Data

Businesses usually struggle with data management. They have wealth of data store with them but they don’t know how to convert that data to get meaningful information about their business. Mobile app can help solve this issue. You can automate and mobilize the data to generate reports and improve the efficiency and productivity of your business.

Why not create a mobile app for your business that can alert you via with data focused regular analytics. Mobile app can merge entire workflow into automatic process, you can get an on-demand detailed analytics of your activity.

· Branding

Small and medium business usually struggle with brand building. Mobile apps can help you build your brand and build your online presence among your competitors. The mobile app can do great sales and keeps customer engagement intact. You need to create an app that your customer find it useful and engaging

· Customer Feedback

Feedback are always important to improve your business. Most businesses struggle to collect quantitative data from their customers, partners, associates, employees. The mobile app can help you gather data from online reviews sites, social media, and many other sources.

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