How to monitor trends with Google API?

Oct 31, 2018 · 3 min read

First, let’s start by explaining what an API is and establish a common understand about what they do and some of their main benefits. An API (Application Programming Interface) is a software intermediary that enables two applications to communicate between each other. For instance, each time you use an app like Facebook, send a message through WhatsApp, or even check the weather app, you are using an API.

… and what Google Trends API does and what it offers?

Google search engine is dominating the internet search market and statistical data has a huge importance in analyzing information that can be useful to understand what potential customers, users are looking for.

The Google Trends API offers a layer for Google Trends data and it can be used to retrieve a keyword popularity data by location and date. It uses several methods such as returning the current top 20 trending topics for a desired location, returning the top 30 searches of the last month or returning data by category. Google has added Top Charts that show the most searched and trending keywords per category and you can filter the dated based on any time in the past. Also we can use a hot trends atom feed that provides the 20 trends with similar traffic numbers and related news items.

That being said there are few ways to use Google Trends to analyze your customer’s interests for purposes such as content creation:

  • Search for trending topics

Google Trends shows a ”story-centric” homepage, where it add data from Google Search, Youtube and Google News and classifies the most searched keywords by stories.

  • Access real-time marketing opportunities

Thanks to Google Trends we can access real-time data from more than 100-billion searches through the engine on a monthly basis allowing us to obtain minute-by-minute data. Can you imagine being able to analyze all that data! Think than about all the events that can improve your marketing and brand awareness and use Google Trends to take advantage about all these opportunities.

  • Research niche topics by geography

You can search about any topic on Google Trends and see the popularity of a topic in searches by geography. If you haven’t tried yet, you can try with a local marketing campaign. Let’s say I want to open a clothes shop and want to expand my business. Which location would be suitable for opening the next shop? Through Google Trends you can find helpful data about the regional interest in the search term.

  • Make use of Google Correlate

Through Google Correlate you can analyze those topics people are searching and interested to read about. This can help you to figure out what you should be reading about. On the other hand Google Correlate provides insightful associations between search trends and any data point you would like to write about. This Google Tutorial teaches you how to make use of Google Correlate.

Have you ever tried any of these Google Trends features? Are there any other tools of features you want to share. Just leave a comment below :)


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