React Native, the next framework to build native apps

Sep 6, 2018 · 2 min read

We like to talk about it as the game changer. React Native is the latest generation of React — a JavaScript code library developed by Facebook which was released in 2013.

Since we started working with it, React Native has extremely evolved. There’s a new version almost every month. On Github it is one of the most popular languages and thousands of developers across the world are collaborating on the open-source code.

It’s impossible to list all the improvements that have been made the past years on React Native, but we’ll highlight a couple of them:

· The navigation has improved a lot . Last year it was quite challenging to get it right, but now it requires very little effort to get a good navigation.

· Renderings are much smoother as well and ,

· The animations are much better and easier to use. Before this, the moment the code became a little more complex, animations were becoming very annoying.

React Native helps developers reuse code across the web and on mobile. Reusing a code, which is already written is actually a big thing in the development field.

React Native also lets you integrate third party apps in your application. For instance, if you want to add a photo editing application in your inbuilt photo app. You can simply download a thirty party plugin offered by React Native and link it with a native module.

Finally, React Native has a responsive Interface, like AngularJS , it is more focused on UI. This is why React Native apps are a highly responsive interfaces. And the Javascript interactions between the Native environment and React Native reduces time of loading and give a smoother app feeling.

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