What advantages brings the new version of PHP?

The programming community is very excited to welcome the latest release of PHP7. This new version is a revolution in the way of delivering applications and websites , this is the best change for PHP since the release of PHP5 , I think maybe its the best version of PHP at all. It turns out PHP7 is the ultimate choice for developers since It brings an amazing performance.

Which are some of the great new features in PHP7?

· Return Types

They are a common feature in most of the programming languages. They have been introduced to PHP, so developers can now specify the type of variable should return. Below is an example that declares a function ‘’foo’’ that returns an array:

The advantage of return types is that they make code much easier to read, and this helps debugging code or working with code written by another programmer.

· Spaceship Operator

In terms of syntax the introduction of spaceship operator is used to quickly compare two expressions. This operator can be used as follows:

a <=> b

The advantage is that when comparing variable this operator requires les typing than coding with other traditional operators such as, less than (<), equal to (==) and (>)

· Error Handling Events

The new Engine Exceptions option allows programmers to better handle fatal and catchable fatal errors. This is meant to make it easier for developers to find and fix bugs in their code. To enable error handling, PHP7 introduces a new shared Parent Class under the name of \Base exception. Below it can be seen an example:

· More Speed

According to recent studies 40% of users will leave a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load, meaning that speed is a crucial factor when designing a web page. That is why PHP7 offers major improvements compared with the previous version that will allow developer to create faster sites.


The new versions of PHP represents a significant change since PHP7 performs faster and offers a better service to their users than the previous versions. Many popular websites such as WordPress allows users to easily upgrade to the new version providing a better experience to customers.