8 Tipsthat help TikTok Hack the World

I am delighted! My internal marketer is happy like a child. The next trend in 2019 which can be expanded on the shelves.

The story of the application TikTok (Douyin). This is the Chinese analog of the SnapChat, who conquered the younger generation around the world.

I want to tell you more about the mechanics of this application and about its path to the TOP rankings of worldwide applications Apple and Android Stores.

As per ProductHunt.com, “TikTok mobile app has more number of downloads than Spotify, Snapchat & Gmail combined on App Store.

TikTok Trend

Use https://trends.google.com/trends/explore?q=TikTok&geo=US

Audience Interests

Users who visited TikTok, also visited the following websites via bookmarks, type-in traffic or other direct navigation methods (does not include clicking on links)

Here are some data points on TikTok’s users:

  • Almost 50% of users are above 24 years old;
  • 60% are female;
  • Over 60% have college degrees;
  • Around 40% live in first- and second-tier cities

Top categories and apps used by “TikTok” users

Traffic Sources

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Similar Apps

The app has been growing steadily since it acquired its U.S.-based rival Musical.ly in November 2017 for north of $800 million, then merged the two apps’ user bases last August.

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TikTok Continues Its Climb With 75 Million New Users in December, Up 275% Y2Y

According to Sensor Tower’s Store Intelligence estimates, the app added 75 million new users worldwide across the App Store and Google Play last month, representing year-over-year growth of 275 percent from 20 million in December 2017.

8 Ways to Grow like a TikTok

Here are eight lessons on TikTok’s meteoric rise that your companies can learn from:

Hint 1: Help creators grow
Hint 2: Unleash the creativity of ordinary people
Hint 3: Topic marketing — give people something to make videos about
Hint 4: Make content creation frictionless
Hint 6: Personalized recommendation is key
Hint 7: Where there is content, there is commerce
Hint 8: Take it global

How much is the development of such an application?

In the end, it all depends on the amount of functionality.

Apps Empire

Content and community aren’t the only things contributing to TikTok’s growth.

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