Portfolio in the Making

Hello! I’m Ali, an aspiring UX/UI designer in the early stages of my design style and process development. I want to document my work and learnings to reflect on my growth as a student, designer and general human being.

The posts that I create will be based on my personal experiences and the opinions that I form from them (which are usually never concrete). I will be writing about elements of design that I find interesting and pertinent to me at the time, my work and corresponding rationale as well as aspects of my personal life that I want to document and evolve from.

I also want to note that I am entirely open to and encourage alternative opinions to my own. Understanding various perspectives is something that I value highly and find significant to my professional and personal development.

So, without further ado, welcome! This is me today : 9 / 05 / 2017

  • A G E : 18
  • U N I _ C O U R S E : CI (visual and interactive design) / IT (computer science)
  • F A V O U R I T E _ M U S I C _ G E N R E : ~ v a p o u r w a v e ~/ lofi
  • F A V O U R I T E _ F I L M : pulp fiction
  • O O T D : PJ onesie, moccasin slippers, woollen jumper
  • F A V O U R I T E _ S O N G : Lovely You by Monster Rally
  • H A I R _ S T A T U S : purpley dark brown, naturally curly, fringe
  • C U R R E N T _ M O O D : chill
  • V I S U A L_ I N S P O :

yasmin pessoa

xx ,