ForMetas Tutorial | How to join the beta version of Gloryland?

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3 min readJan 9, 2023

Before starting the testing, you need to carefully read the specific instructions about this event:

Important Updates: For Metas Beta Testing Begins! | by For Metas Official | Dec, 2022 | Medium

How to start the testing?



  • Please use your registered email which is holding NFT of R or above level to register.


Only our users with NFTs of R or above level can participate the event. If not, you can not register sucessfully.

If you are not on the whitelist, there are 2 situations:

- You did not have a R or R+ card;

- The whitelist not update yet (It will be updated automatically every Friday)


  • If you are on the whitelist, you will be taken directly to the game, as shown in the image below.

How can I get R card to join beta testing?

  • Wait the whitelist update and then operate as described in the previous tutorial
  • Enjoy your beta journey and share with us your feedback & ideas!


Do I need to claim my NFTs on-chain to join the test?

Do not need to do it because you cannot join the NFT mining and play the game anymore if you claim the NFTs on-chain

Can I use my own cards in the test?

Not yet. Your own cards could be used in the official version of Gloryland.

Is it important to increase the level of cards available for the test? What should I aim for in the test?

You can try anything you want, because the beta version will not affect your benefits in any way.

We hope that test palyers can share your thoughts with us and give us opinions then we can fix the existing problems and add some good ideas to the game to make Gloryland more fun.


Is there any bonus for testing?

Please read this article carefully: Important Updates: For Metas Beta Testing Begins! | by For Metas Official | Dec, 2022 | Medium



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