2016 DFIR Summit

I’ve really been enjoying the SANS DFIR Summit in Austin. I especially enjoyed hearing Andy Rosen speak. That man is a living legend in digital forensics.

The mobile panel encouraged folks in the #DFIR community to blog more, and while I have a blog, I don’t post much on it because I get bogged down in the technical details. I recently moved away from WordPress due to security concerns and set up a static site via GitHub Pages, but I miss the features of a CMS. Granted, there’s Jekyll, but I hate Ruby and then I have to generate static pages and push them up to GitHub. I’m looking for an “easy button” for blogging (but not for forensics!).

This is my first post on Medium, so we’ll see how this goes. My main concerns so far will be posting code and having the freedom to inject HTML when I wish to do so. Those limitations may cause me to leave Medium, but I want to give it a shot first and see how it goes. So far, it’s definitely easy.