Google Analytics Domain Hash Calculator

I built a simple GUI (C#) Google Analytics Domain Hash Calculator app so you can take the Urchin Tracking Module A (UTMA) value from Google Analytics cookies and try to figure out which domain it corresponds to. It’s a one-way hash, so you have to begin with the domain. I must give credit to SO user Nico Westerdale for writing the initial hash function in C#. I just wrote a simple GUI wrapper around it.

Don’t use the protocol (e.g., “http://”) or “www” subdomain, just enter the domain (i.e., “”) and click on “Calculate Domain Hash”.

Simple GUI interface

Click here for the “compiled” (standalone) assembly for Windows. Note that you will need to have the .NET v4.5 Runtime installed.

I also wrote a version of the hash function in C++ if you’re interested (easy to use to create your own cross-platform CLI if you wish, or just ask me nicely).

UPDATE: Looking to process multiple domains more rapidly? I wrote a CLI called “gadhash” in C++.

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