Sueño con Serpientes

I’ve had vivid dreams my whole life. Crazy ass realistic shit with vivid characters, plots, and lessons. Sleeping more than 6 hours is like getting dropped off in a movie. About 20 years ago I started writing down what happens when I relax my eyes enough to see what my subconscious has to say ….

I’ve always loved the concept in video games, that you can walk off a cliff and plunge to your death, then start the whole level over at the beginning.

Repeating the course is easier after learning from the last attempt. When you know to expect fire balls to fall from the sky, or spikey turtles to walk into you, you are more likely to avoid them and survive.

My dreams have been vivid stories projected across the insides of my eyelids my whole life. Like watching movies while I sleep.

I don’t know what causes my brain to keep running all night, but sometime right after high school I found that writing them down allows me to get them off my mind. And has consistently provided a space to record notes to self from my subconscious.

I’ve wondered if they are;

  • Previews of possible futures?
  • Manifestation of memories?
  • My brain trying to process all the news and sci-fi I read?
  • Advice or warnings from ghosts?
  • Genetic programming?
  • Alien projection devices?
  • Reaction to kemtrails and smart meters?

Sometimes I die, or almost die. Sometimes it seems hella random or I forget the details in my rush to get to work. I try to write them down before I get out of bed and save some of the lessons learned. Here’s what I’ve got so far;

  • Sleep is necessary to sort and save information in my brain.
  • Ghosts can only talk to me while I'm falling asleep or waking up.
  • Trust your instincts. ALWAYS.
  • Our DNA contains the best advice.
  • Dragons are real.
  • Aliens are real.
  • The earth has portals.
  • Flying is hella fun.
  • There are good and bad humans on earth right now.
  • My ancestors love me.
  • The earth is under deliberate and strategic attack by capitalists.
  • We should always have food, water, a drill and plywood ready to board up windows and stay inside if needed.
  • Our bodies are capable of much more than we understand.
  • Everything is going to be ok.

Since school closed in March 2020, I’ve been transcribing 20 years worth of sleepy scribbles and have over 40 pages so far. I’ll post some of them here. Let me know what you think.



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